Mardan Afrasiabi

Mardan Afrasiabi is a technology entrepreneur, business turnaround veteran, and author of the upcoming Restart Entrepreneurial Immigration (Sutton Hart 2013).

Mardan Afrasiabi founded and leads ARM Insight, an Oregon based global software company providing Mardan's proprietary applications that increase profitability for credit-debit card issuers and the retailers they serve by tracking consumer spending, designing targeted promotions, and preventing fraud in prepaid card services.

Mardan Afrasiabi's own immigration success story fuels his advocacy for policy change, specifically the implementation of an attract-and-admit alternative to the exclusionary policies presently in force.
Mardan has been featured and quoted as an expert in many media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Business Journal,, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and other business publications.

Mardan has graduate law and business degrees from the University of Southern California with experience thereafter in the venture capital arena, then the presidency of, and now with ARM Insight.