Mardan Afrasiabi, an entrepreneurial immigration success story in his own right as are other family members, calls for immigration reform as a growth strategy for the U.S. economy.

Mardan Afrasiabi believes when American citizenship and immigration decisions were swept into the Department of Homeland Security a few years back, an extraordinary tool to the U.S. economy fell by the wayside. Restrictive policies followed limiting opportunities for U.S. educated foreign students to become citizens, for qualified professionals in sectors where shortages exist in the U.S. to immigrate to America to fill those needs, and for other highly desirable entrepreneurial potential citizens to join a country founded upon immigration and developed by generations of entrepreneurs.

Author Mardan Afrasiabi chronicles many of these lost opportunities while offering a plan for a new immigration policy that “lets in the best” in his upcoming book Restart Entrepreneurial Immigration (Sutton Hart 2013).