Tracking Africa’s Silent Giants

Mardan Afrasiabi takes a unique break from not only his work, but from his usual writing and speaking topics centered on business, immigration and economics. Recent travels landed Afrasiabi in the Africa wild, assisting in the preservation of some of Earth’s most beloved members of the animal kingdom.


Tracking Africa’s Silent Giants


Originally Published in Africa Geographic Magazine, September 2017


I have had the great fortune of having travelled in many parts of the world and have experienced many things. This was my third trip to Africa, and second to South Africa. I can say, without a scintilla of doubt, this was the most memorable, impactful, emotional and life-altering trip of my life.

My wife, Tamara, and son, Max and I recently spent ten days in South Africa. We were fortunate enough to spend five of those days in the bush near the Kruger National Park, at a temporary camp on the beautiful property of Mr. James Campbell, with eight other YPO families and a cadre of world-class resources.

The enthusiasm, optimism, construction and progress that we experienced first-hand while spending time with everyday South Africans was absolutely contagious. As Max commented, “I think they may be some of the happiest and most content people in the world!”

Our trip was hosted by my friend, Dex Kotze, a fellow YPOer from South Africa. Dex is a businessman, an activist, a philanthropist, educator, thought-leader and an amazing husband and father. He operates his own NGO, Youth 4 African Wildlife, an educational organisation dedicated to teaching young people…


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